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Dove DermaSeries: face wash for dry skin relief

Facial cleansing for dry skin relief

Nourish very dry skin with Dove DermaSeries milky soap-free face wash – perfect for soothing irritated, very dry, scaly skin with moisturizing care. 

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When you’re cleansing very dry, flaky skin on your face every day, it’s all about finding the care to suit you. Milky and non-foaming, our fragrance-free face wash has been designed to leave even very dry skin feeling soft and soothed every day.

Clinically proven to improve visual dryness after just four washes, this soap-free facial cleanser leaves even very dry, scaly skin on face feeling super soft, smooth, and beautiful. And if you live with a skin condition, the formula has everything you’re looking for, and nothing you’re not: hypoallergenic, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and dermatologist-tested. Rich in stearic acid and petrolatum, the milky formula locks in moisture and goes deep inside skin’s protective stratum corneum to help rebuild essential lipids. With or without water, simply pump and gently apply to your face to seal in silky-soft moisture, without greasiness.

Step one of your everyday skin care routine: complete.

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