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Dove DermaSeries: hand cream for dry skin relief

Hand cream for dry skin relief

With our hands exposed throughout the day, you might see very dry, flaky skin. Designed to leave skin soft and soothed, our rich hand moisturizer gives your hands the care they deserve.

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Prone to very dry skin on fingertipsand across your hands? You’re not the only one. And if you’re living with a skin condition, it can be even more difficult to nourish very dry skin between fingers, around knuckles, and at your wrists.

Our favorite tip to soothe eczema on hands is to keep a deeply hydrating hand moisturizer nearby. Enter Dove DermaSeries hand cream: a light hand moisturizer with heavy impact on very dry, scaly skin. Clinically proven to give lasting comfort for very dry hands, the fast-absorbing and non-sticky formula combines glycerin and hydroxystearic acid to help instantly soothe without irritation. Lock in moisture at home, work or wherever you are: no effort, all comfort.  

Our hand cream has been recognized by the National Eczema Association.

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