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Body moisturizer for dry skin relief

Wrap your body in layers of creamy comfort with Dove DermaSeries moisturizing body cream, lotion and balm for dry skin – fast-absorbing, irritant-free, and oh-so soothing.

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Figuring out how to take care of dry skin means finding formulas to soothe your skin without irritation. Enter our range of body moisturizers: giving tons of care to help you feel great.

First up, Dove DermaSeries dry skin relief body lotion: soothing skin all over, thanks to a combination of glycerin and petrolatum. If you want a specialized lotion for eczema, turn to Dove DermaSeries eczema body lotion. With a rich blend of ingredients such as 1% colloidal oatmeal protectant the formula is clinically proven to reduce itchiness and dry scaly patches on skin. For a moment of indulgence, our moisturizing cream for body uses a combination of ingredients, including Vitamin F to help the skin naturally repair and replenish. And finally, our award-winning, multi-purpose expert balm. Rich in petrolatum, the non-greasy and silky-smooth formula helps skin become its beautiful best. 

All products featured on this page have been recognized by the National Eczema Association.

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