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Deodorant Wipes

Deodorant Wipes

Dove Go Fresh Deodorant Wipes Cucumber & Green Tea are formulated with moisturizers to care for skin, and they leave a refreshing cucumber and green tea scent.

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Use the wipes as your new everyday self-care necessity to remove odor and sweat with one easy swipe.

These portable deodorant wipes are perfect for a busy lifestyle, helping you freshen up from one activity to the next. Our alcohol-free, non-irritant wipes can be taken anywhere! Throw the wipes into your purse, gym bag, or suitcase and use them on-the-go whenever you need a refresh. Our Dove Deodorant Wipes Cucumber & Green Tea come in resealable close-top lid packets to help keep the wipes fresh.

Whether you are in a bind or just want a quick, cooling cleanse, use these odor removing wipes as a discreet touch up, during high stress situations, after a workout, before a special occasion, or when you’re traveling. Pair your Dove Go Fresh Deodorant Wipes Cucumber & Green Tea Deodorant Wipes along with Dove Cool Essentials Antiperspirant to stay fresh and protected all day long.

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