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Baby Dove Calming Nights Lotion

With a calming scent of warm milk and chamomile, this nourishing baby body lotion is a soothing addition to your bedtime routine.

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• Soothing night-time baby lotion gently moisturizes baby skin overnight

• Made with 100% skin-natural nutrients* for delicate baby skin

• Hypoallergenic, caring formulas created without dyes, parabens or phthalates 

• Dermatologist and pediatrician-tested

• With a calming scent of warm milk** and chamomile

• Ideal for a nightly baby massage before bed
When it comes to looking after your little one, there’s one puzzle all parents try to solve: how to get baby to sleep. It can be tricky, and everyone has their own way, but experts and real parents agree that getting into a regular baby night routine is a move that might just work for you. And to help your little one enjoy a restful night’s sleep, a gentle baby massage could be the final piece to your routine. 

Using baby lotion with a calming scent can be a nourishing addition to your baby massage. With a calming warm milk** and chamomile scent, Baby Dove Calming Nights Lotion gently moisturizes throughout the night. This gentle, hypoallergenic baby body lotion contains nutrients identical to those found naturally in skin – going beyond mildness to replenish essential moisture and nourish baby’s delicate skin overnight. 

*Our nutrients are identical to those found in skin
**This product does not contain dairy
Ingredients correct at time of publishing. Always check product packaging.

• Winding down at bedtime
Putting baby to bed can sometimes be a challenge, but a routine of a warm bath followed by a gentle massage could help baby sleep 

• Overnight baby care
Keep your little one’s delicate skin nourished by massaging in this gentle baby body lotion after bath and before bed. Its 100% skin-natural nutrients* go beyond mildness to help replenish essential moisture in your baby’s skin while they’re sleeping

• Gentle massage
Both you and your baby will enjoy the soothing scent of warm milk** and chamomile, making it perfect for a nightly baby massage
After washing your baby with Baby Dove Calming Nights Tip to Toe Wash and then drying, warm the lotion in your hands and gently massage into their body to nourish skin. 
Baby massage can have many benefits, including helping your baby to relax and even improving their sleep. So why not try using Baby Dove Calming Nights Lotion with a gentle massage before bedtime? This night-time baby lotion provides a calming scent of warm milk* and chamomile while working to nourish skin at the same time.

*This product does not contain dairy
Baby Dove Calming Nights

Calming Nights: baby skin care before bed – Baby Dove

A night-time routine can help soothe your little one: try adding Baby Dove Calming Nights bedtime baby wash and baby lotion with a warm milk & chamomile scent.

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