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Dove Rosacea

The dos and don’ts of skin care for rosacea

If you have rosacea, chances are you’ll be looking for gentle ways to care for your body and face. Here are our dos and don’ts for cleansing, moisturising and washing – to help keep flare-ups down.

  • Dove Rosacea skin care

    Do know the symptoms.

    A couple of common rosacea symptoms are redness and swollen bumps on your skin. Areas like your face, neck, chest, and back are most commonly affected. Spotting the signs early will help you to care for your body gently, to keep it feeling as comfortable as possible from the get-go

  • Dove Rosacea skin care

    Do test new products on a small area first.

    Avoid any unwanted rosacea symptoms by testing new products on a small patch of skin 24 hours before you use it. Somewhere discreet like the back of a neck is usually best, so it isn’t very visible if rosacea does flare up. Simply apply a small amount of product and leave overnight to test the results

  • Dove Pink Beauty Bar

    Use mild cleansers suitable for sensitive skin.

    Harsh soaps can dry out skin, making rosacea symptoms worse across your face and body. Dove Pure & Sensitive Beauty Bar is gentle on sensitive skin. It contains ¼ moisturising cream that helps to leave skin feeling and looking softer and smoother 

  • Dove Rosacea skin care

    Do remove your make-up after each day.

    Our skin needs time to recover after a long day. Help things along by removing make-up with warm water and a gentle cleanser. Then, gently pat your skin dry, to avoid having to rub with a towel (which can be rough on skin and contribute to rosacea feeling more uncomfortable), for a fresh-faced feel

  • Dove Rosacea skin care

    Don’t use too many products.

    To minimise exposing your skin to too many ingredients, which could cause rosacea flare-ups, try using cleansers that include moisturising ingredients. Dove Pure & Sensitive Beauty Bar has a mild, nourishing formula to help keep your body soft and hydrated

  • Dove rosacea skin care

    Don’t take hot showers.

    We’re often tempted by the thought of a hot shower but high temperatures can melt our skin’s natural oils (the ones that keep your body feeling nicely soft and smooth). Opt for warm showers to keep skin feeling and looking refreshed 

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