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5 questions our hair diagnostic tool can help you with

5 questions our Hair Diagnostic Tool can help you with

Sometimes our hair needs a helping to hand to look and feel just the way we want it to. This is where the Dove Hair Diagnostic Tool comes in. It can help you work out what’s best for your hair by helping you learn how to determine your hair type – and then provides different tips and how-tos personalised to you. It’ll also help you find the right product, from discovering the best shampoo and conditioner for dry hair, to directing you to products that add a bit more bounce. So, here are 5 questions our tool can help you answer…  

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    How can I add volume and bounce to thin hair? 

    Finding the best hair products for thin hair can be tricky. Sometimes, they can be too heavy and end up weighing your hair down. With a volumising, lightweight formula, the Dove Oxygen and Moisture range gives you all the bounce you need with a light-as-air feel (there’s a reason Oxygen’s in the name). For more tips on how to perfect your volumising routine, why not ask our Hair Diagnostic Tool to delve a little deeper?


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    Why is my hair dry?

    We’ve all been there – wondering just how to get smooth hair when our own feels drier than ever. It could be down to any number of things: heat, damage, or just the wrong hair products. Here’s what your hair needs: nourishment. Turn to the power of oils with Dove Advanced Hair Series Shine Revival range, and get that smooth, sleek feel in one wash with our best shampoo and conditioner for dry hair 


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    Why do I need to change my products when I dye my hair? 

    It’s fun to switch up your style – straight, blonde hair one week, followed by curly, red the next. There’s only one downside to being playful with your look: damage. Luckily, with our best hair care products for damaged hair, it doesn’t have to stay that way (and you don’t have to tone down the style, either). Just let the Dove Hair Diagnostic Tool find the best ones to suit you, and those locks will stay looking shiny and healthy

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    How do I control my frizzy hair? 

    If there’s one thing we can all relate to when it comes to our hair, it’s frizz frustration. If you’re wondering how to tame frizzy hair, turn to a product that protects and moisturises all at once. It’ll stop too much moisture getting into your strands and frizz breaking out. For more frizzy hair care tips, our Hair Diagnostic Tool has plenty more tricks up its sleeve 

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    How can I make the most out of my curls?

    Natural curls are so beautiful; it’s worth defining every single one. Which is exactly why you need to find the most moisturising products to do just that. And if you’re wondering how to maintain curly hair to keep that beautiful definition, the Dove Hair Diagnostic Tool has a few tips for that, too

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