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Dove terms of use

How we will use the content you provide to us:

This section sets out the permissions you give [Unilever UK Ltd. and its agents] (collectively “Unilever”, “we”, “us”, “our”) in relation to how we can use the text, narratives, photo(s), image(s) and any other content uploaded by you (“Your Content”) in connection with the Dove #ShowUs Project.

When you upload Your Content, you grant Unilever a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable licence to use, distribute, display, copy, and create derivative works of Your Content in any media (including but not limited to our websites, social media accounts, emails and other forms of digital and print advertising) in connection with the Dove #ShowUs Project. In addition (and subject to applicable data protection laws) you grant Unilever the right to use your first name, image, likeness and/or any other identifying information (such as your story or location information) in connection with Your Content.

You confirm and agree that:

  • you own all rights in Your Content and/or you have permission to allow Unilever to use Your Content for the purposes described above;
  • any photo(s) or image(s) that you upload have not been edited, filtered, re-touched or otherwise altered to enhance or change your appearance;
  • you will not be entitled to any payment, remuneration or compensation by Unilever for the use of Your Content; and
  • Your Content is truthful, accurate, not misleading and does not contain any personal information that could identify any other individual.

We appreciate all contributions to the Dove #ShowUs Project. Due to the large number of submissions we will not be able to use everyone’s contributions for the purposes described above. Unilever has sole discretion in relation to what images, content and personal information to select and use in connection with the Dove #ShowUs Project. As such, while Unilever may use Your Content for the purposes described above and/or may contact certain individuals who upload their content to participate further with the Dove #ShowUs Project, you acknowledge that Unilever has no obligation to do so. In addition, you acknowledge that we may remove or cease to use or display Your Content at any time and for any reason.

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