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Dove Maximum Protection

Dove Maximum Protection

Care for your underarm skin and reduce sweating with our most effective antiperspirant deodorants yet.

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Up against a deadline, stuck on a hot train or late for your friends? We bet you were left feeling a little less than fresh – we get it, we’re right there with you. Or we were, until we discovered that the key to keeping our cool, no matter what life throws at us, lies in Dove Maximum Protection.

Our Dove Maximum Protection range helps protect us, like a gallant deodorant-shaped hero, against all those times when we might have felt uncomfortable or, whisper it, sweaty. Its special formula prevents wetness for up to 48 hours and it’s gentle enough to wear every day, thanks to its nourishing ¼ moisturising cream. With these high levels of care, and the 100% alcohol-free formula, Dove Maximum Protection helps to keep your delicate underarm skin soft, smooth and cared for: just the way it should be.

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