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Baby Dove baby gifting

Gift ideas to help tick off that new baby checklist

Whether you’re looking for baby shower gifts or newborn baby gifts, buying for new arrivals and parents can be tricky. There is so much choice out there and, unless you’ve already experienced life with a baby, it can be pretty confusing. So wouldn’t it be helpful if you knew what they wanted beforehand? To give you some inspiration, mums and dads let us in on the best gift they received for their baby.  

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    Something personal.

    “One of my favourite gifts was a personalised book, telling the story of how a little boy goes on an adventure to find his name. In the end it spells out my son’s name,” says Jenny, mum of one. You too can give something personal by adding the new baby’s name to Baby Dove products. By personalising bottles of Baby Dove Head to Toe Wash and Lotion, they can have their very own skin care products – gentle enough to use from birth 

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    Something playful.

    With so many things on the newborn checklist whirring around a new parent’s mind, baby toys are easily forgotten – so they can make great gifts. “When I was expecting, my concern was to have the room ready and all the baby clothes washed, and I completely forgot the baby needs toys!” says Yasmine, mum of two

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    Something useful.

    Practical presents are popular too – and our Caring Baby Bath Set, containing products that will provide complete care for a baby’s delicate skin, is certainly that. Baby Dove Research and Development expert and mum of two, Diane, explains: “If people buy you individual products, you don’t always know how to use them in the early days. But having a whole baby bath set can give you an idea of a routine and all the skin care products you might need.” Plus, the hypoallergenic Baby Dove Rich Moisture Head to Toe Wash, Shampoo and Lotion included in the set are all gentle enough for a newborn’s first bath

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    Something for mum and dad.

    Often with a new baby around, new parents put themselves right at the bottom of the priority list – but it’s important they look after themselves too. You could help them do this, as Craig, dad of a newborn, explains: “I would make some delicious meals, ready to stick in the oven – there’s no time to cook properly in the early days and it’s important to put your health and comfort first at times.” Many mums and dads might also love five minutes’ peace and a soak in the bath – a great way to unwind and care for skin at the same time 

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    Something for the kids.

    The arrival of a new sibling can be a challenge for the older brothers and sisters, too. So gifts for them can be very touching, as Laura, mum of two, remembers: “When our second child was born, friends and family sent small gifts for our eldest too. Not just so he felt included, but many of the gifts kept him occupied while I was feeding the baby”


Which gifts do you find go down well with new parents?

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