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Sehee Chun, 22

When I was younger, I put on a lot of weight, and that’s when I lost my confidence. I wouldn’t go out and I wouldn’t meet my friends. I would just go to school, go home, eat, and go to bed. I hated how I looked in the mirror. Pressures from social media have had a big effect on this, too.


Now, when I see myself, I think: ‘Cute! Sweet!’ (Though not when I first get up…) It’s taken me a long time to get to this place. I try to be positive about my body and mind. I worked hard to lose weight for my health, but I also worked hard to feel better about myself.

Living in the UK has helped my confidence, too. I was so obsessed with my weight because of the culture and expectations of some of the people in my country, South Korea. There, they don’t really care about bums, but here everyone loves them! Here, curvy is beautiful.  

The compliments of my family make me feel better. They are the comments I have to concentrate on, not the comments of anyone else. And, actually, they were right, I’ve been beautiful since the moment I was born, but you know, I had a dip in confidence, and that’s when I thought I’d lost my beauty, but I hadn’t. It never went anywhere… I’m beautiful and always have been.