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Welcome to the home of real beauty. Explore below for more about our Campaign for Real Beauty, plus tips and tricks for everything from hair care to skin care. 

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Dove 6 fashion classics
6 fashion classics and the beauty products to go with them
Here are 6 fashion classics and what to accessorise them with
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Dove Prevent armpit smells
How to prevent armpit smells and care for underarms
Check out our page on how to prevent armpit odour…
Dove Stop shaving rash
How to stop shaving rash
See our 6 tips to help stop shaving rash
Dove Underarms in spotlight
6 times your underarms take centre stage
Here are 6 times you need an antiperspirant that cares as well as protects
Dove How to care for coloured hair
How to care for coloured hair
Keep hair looking vibrant and beautiful with our tips
Sweating tips
6 things you really need for the gym

Our vision of a perfect session at the gym? Looking streamlined and stylish in designer Lycra and a perky ponytail, breezing through an hour on the treadmill without even breaking a sweat. The reality? A bright red face, messy hair and old sweatpants – you know, just a woman working out in real life. However unrealistic these imagined expectations of ours seem, they still get us all worried about whether we’re wearing the right thing and which high-tech designer water we should bring. But worry no more. Here’s our guide to the accessories we really need, from deodorant for women to a sports bra...

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Dove Wear strapless dress
How to wear a strapless dress with confidence
Read our tips on how to wear one with confidence and look fabulous
Dove Confident in your clothes
How to feel confident in your clothes
Learn how to be confident in your own skin with our tips
Dove How to pick new beauty products
How to pick new beauty products
Want to know what you should be looking for in new beauty products? Here are our six essentials…