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Your Hair Your Choice

Long or short, curly or straight, natural or dyed – there are endless possibilities for your hair, and it all comes down to what feels like you. You might think that goes without saying, but we discovered that many women around the world don’t feel the same freedom. We teamed up with a group of women who make their own rules: because when it comes to your hair, it’s your choice.

Our hair goes beyond beauty. It’s freedom. It’s self-expression. It’s how we show the rest of the world who we are. Yet a recent study* commissioned by Dove shows that 8 out of 10 women feel pressured to wear their hair in a certain way – even if they’d prefer another look.  That means the vast majority of women – 79% in the UK, 73% in France, 81% in Argentina and 88% in Canada – have to conform when it comes to their hair and hold back from expressing themselves. With Your Hair Your Choice, we want to empower women to have their hair however they want it. Your hair is your choice.

“Stop saying that grey hair is not beautiful, because it is! It is beautiful!” Leecie

Our Your Hair, Your Choice video represents women who challenge the status quo and defy the ‘rules’ to do what makes them feel the most beautiful. Like Leecie, who ignores those who say grey hair can’t be beautiful – because she knows her long, silver hair is. Or Sable, who says her choppy blonde bob is a million miles away from the black Asian hair you’d expect. Afraid a striking hair colour is unprofessional? Tell that to Núria, whose vibrant blue, flowing locks highlight that working as a financial analyst doesn’t mean she can’t show her creative side. 


With this campaign, we’re not just celebrating women who are going against the grain. We want to empower all women to join these confident rule breakers, celebrate diversity in all its glory and lift outdated, external hair pressures. So join the conversation by sharing your photos and thoughts with #YourHairYourChoice to help us challenge the status quo. It’s time to have your hair your way.


*Dove Hair Study conducted by Edelman Intelligence, December 2015