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Dove How to care for fine hair

A guide to fine hair: tips for styling and adding volume

Looking after fine hair can seem tricky, but really it’s just about knowing how to bring the best out of it. From picking the best shampoo for fine hair to blow-drying techniques, here’s what to do.    

  • 1

    Choose a shampoo for fine hair. 

    Shampoo and conditioner can be common culprits for weighing hair down by leaving too much residue at the root and along the strands. The best hair products for fine hair, like Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen & Moisture Shampoo, weightlessly moisturise while adding volume* 

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    Blow dry upside down.

    The next step on the list doesn’t require any fancy fine hair products, just your hairdryer. To make sure you get as much volume as possible into your hair, hold your head upside down while you blow dry it. Finishing with a cool blast will help ‘set’ the style, too 

  • 3

    Choose styling products carefully.

    Thin hair tends to be more flexible than thick hair, so too many lotions and potions can flatten it by weighing strands down. Choose just one of the best hair products for fine hair and trust it to hold your hair up alone. Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen & Moisture Root Lift Spray instantly adds volume and breathes life into fine, flat hair  

  • 4

    Dry shampoo. 

    If it’s texture and volume you’re after instead of just height alone, try using dry shampoo instead of a root lift product. If you’ve got fine hair, chances are it’s very soft, which can make it harder to style. Dry shampoo makes hair feel thicker and adds texture, giving it some grip so it can hold a style longer – one of our favourite fine hair tips for when wrestling with a plait that just won’t quite stay in line 

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    Fine hair is more prone to everyday damage like breakages and split ends compared to thick hair so conditioning is super important. This is partly because the strands are typically up to 20% thinner than normal to thick hair. Try to regularly use a nourishing product like Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen & Moisture Conditioner. Formulated with Oxyfusion technology, it delicately moisturises fine, flat hair without weighing it down    

  • 6

    Use regular lightweight treatments.

    Don’t ditch treatments if you’ve got fine hair. If you’re worried about your hair products for fine hair weighing your strands down, then look for a light option. Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen & Moisture Soufflé Treatment moisturises lightly adding volume** and bounce. Using this once a week is enough to help to keep hair full** and healthy looking

    (*Dove Oxygen & Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner versus unwashed hair)

    (** Freshly washed hair treated with Dove Oxygen & Moisture Soufflé Treatment vs sebum-treated hair)