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Dove FAQs: We Care to Answer Your Every Beauty Question Here

Dove products are available in leading supermarkets and drugstores. You may also purchase via online retailers.

Baby Dove cleansers go beyond mildness to deliver an added benefit to baby skin care: the replenishment of essential lipids that are critical for baby’s fragile skin barrier. Baby Dove skin care products soothe dry skin from first use, lock in moisture from one bath time to the next and leave baby’s skin extra soft and deeply moisturized.

Yes. Our Baby Dove range has been clinically tested thoroughly by Unilever clinical scientists and/or accredited third party agencies to prove hypo-allergenicity and compatibility with baby’s delicate skin. Mildness and moisturization have also been tested where appropriate based on product type.

Dove 1 Minute Serum Conditioner is a potent formulation infused with the transformative power of serum capsules, which contain vitamin E, and nourishing oils like Argan oil, Coconut oil, Almond oil, and sunflower seed oil. Combined with Dove’s best damage technology of Keratin Repair actives, that replace broken bonds in hair to further strengthen and fortify weak & damaged hair, you can undo the damage in just 1 minute.