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Megan, Blogger

Meet Megan. She was always very body conscious as a child – feeling constant pressure to be thin. But as she grew up, she rejected the notion of an ‘ideal’ body shape. Today she writes an inspirational blog and campaigns to help women think more positively about their bodies. 

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Megan felt it was impossible to be curvy and beautiful. Now in her early 20s, she uses the experience to help other women shake off the pressure to look ‘picture perfect.’ Instead she helps others embrace their looks – no matter what shape, size or colour they are.  

Through her successful blog, Megan campaigns for body positivity for all women – sharing uplifting messages and images, and calling for change among her followers, businesses and the local communities. 

Megan shares her journey to finding her beautiful self

See why after years of trying to be what society considers ‘perfect’, she’s embraced her curves and loves her rolls. To know more about more #RealBeauty stories, visit:

Megan shares her journey to finding her beautiful self
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