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Karen, Lawyer, Speaker, Author & Photographer

Moving from Trinidad to Texas, Karen was painfully aware of her differences physically and culturally. Being the only kid in her class who looked and sounded like she did took a toll on her self-esteem. Now she uses what she’s learnt to help others feel confident in their own skin.

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From her accent to her looks, Karen didn’t fit into any mould she could see around her when she first arrived in the US. But as she grew up and gained confidence in her beauty, she set out to help others achieve the same.  

She’s written a book about global beauty titled The Beauty of Different and created an independent side that inspires readers to find their uniqueness through photography. She is also a Dove self-esteem educator teaching workshops to young boys and girls in Texas and helping them find their own confidence.

Karen believes every woman is beautiful

If someone tells you you’re beautiful, do you believe them? See why photographer Karen says you should.  

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Karen believes every woman is beautiful
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