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Barbara, Travel Journalist

Barbara has never been as confident in her beauty as she is now. With time, she has realised that whatever she is, is just fine. She used to believe that you had be to perfect – the right weight, the right hair cut – but now she knows she’s perfect the way she is.

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As Barbara has seen her own children grow and have children of their own, she has adopted a confidence that she didn’t previously have. She has forgotten about the worries she had in her younger years and knows that it’s the way you project yourself to the world that makes you beautiful. 

Part of the confidence Barbara has found comes from seeing the diversity of beauty from all over the world through her work as a travel journalist. She tries to bring what she learns on her travels to her life back home – meditating regularly and striving to make her life as simple and uncluttered as possible. This also feeds into her beauty routine and her natural, classic look.

Barbara loves classic simplicity

Barbara explains why she feels at her best when she dresses simply but classically.

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Barbara loves classic simplicity
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