Dove 6 fashion classics

6 fashion classics and the beauty products to go with them

  • 1
    Strapless dress + beautiful underarms.

    For confidence in a strapless dress, beautiful underarms are key. If dark marks and hyperpigmentation caused by hair removal have been leaving you hesistant, try Dove Original Antiperspirant – it helps lighten underarms in just 7 days^

    ^ Based on clinical study in 2009

  • 2
    Cashmere sweater + nude polish.

    There’s something classically timeless and chic about cashmere – like being wrapped in luxury. And a clean, nude nail polish is the perfect partner to such understated elegance

  • 3
    Leather jacket + cat-eye eyeliner.

    For some reason, flicked cat eyeliner makes us feel confident. Whether it’s the extra oomph it gives our facial expressions or just the knowledge that we’ve finally managed to master the trick in the first place, it’s hard to know. But we do know it goes great with a leather jacket to make an impact 

  • 4
    Jeans + red lips.

    Jeans are probably the most universal wardrobe staple there is, and that’s for good reason – there’s not many things that give us more confidence than a pair of jeans we look great in. The only way to up the confidence factor? Red lips 

  • 5
    Trench coat + pink blusher.

    Trench coats bring to mind chilly autumn and blustery spring, when the crisp wind brings a rosy glow to our cheeks – so if the weather’s not playing ball, DIY it with a blusher 

  • 6
    White shirt + hairspray.

    There’s nothing quite like a perky-but-minimal ponytail to top off a crisp, white shirt. Complete with lots of hairspray to make it sleek and shiny, it makes us feel pulled-together and sophisticated