DermaSeries collection – Dove
DermaSeries collection – Dove

Dove DermaSeries

Discover Dove DermaSeries for instant relief and lasting comfort when extremely dry and sensitive skin flares up. Blending expert skincare with rich comfort to calm your severely dry, itchy skin.

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We all get dry skin from time to time. But for some of us, this dryness can be more extreme: Although the skin type is different, the answer is the same: care. With Dove DermaSeries, clinically proven dry skin solutions combine with indulgent formulas that make caring for skin the enjoyable experience everyone deserves.

There’s a whole range to explore – hypoallergenic, dermatologically-tested, fragrance-free, suitable for dry, sensitive skin. A body wash to gently remove impurities, a dry skin body lotion to relieve itchiness, a moisturizing hand cream for dry, cracked hands and an expert balm to soothe and protect cracked skin… all designed especially for the driest skin, with rich, creamy textures to transform your skin care routine.

Rich, lasting comfort. Expert care. A beauty routine you love. Discover Dove DermaSeries and make peace with dry skin.

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Explore our Dove DermaSeries Collection

Make peace with dry skin: Dove DermaSeries

How many of us are on a quest for perfect skin? A flawless complexion is a dream the media has always teased us with – and for women with dry, sensitive skin conditions, an idea of beauty they can’t relate to.

Dove DermaSeries | Make peace with dry skin