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Dove Stories

Dove Stories

Welcome to the home of real beauty. Explore below for more about our Campaign for Real Beauty, plus tips and tricks for everything from hair care to skin care. 

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Dove Prevent armpit smells
How to prevent armpit smells and care for underarms
Check out our page on how to prevent armpit odour…
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Dove 6 fashion classics
6 fashion classics and the beauty products to go with them
Here are 6 fashion classics and what to accessorise them with
Dove Underarms take center stage
6 times your underarms take center stage
Here are 6 times you need a reliable antiperspirant that cares as well as protects.
Dove Confident in your clothes
How to feel confident in your clothes
Learn how to be confident in your own skin, with our body confidence tips
Dove How to wash hair properly
How to wash hair properly
Try these six tips to enhance your daily hair care routine
Washing and bathing tips
Love scented body wash? Here’s 6 reasons why we do too

We all have a signature fragrance we turn to for special occasions. But there’s nowhere scent really comes into its own like in the shower. It’s the one place we can really allow ourselves to be swept up in a beautiful scent and take time to truly enjoy it. And unlike other scented body washes, with Dove you’ll be swept away knowing that our products are giving you the nourishment you’re used to, along with fresh new fragrances. So, in addition to offering your skin the care it needs, Dove has something to excite your senses at the same time.

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Dove Moisturising body wash
Moisturising body wash
Visit our page to learn about Dove’s moisturising body wash
Dove Beauty Bar
Discover the Dove Beauty Bar
Discover our best beauty secret and the gateway to beautiful skin
Dove 6 cleansing myths: debunked
6 cleansing myths: debunked
Wondering which cleansing tips will help your skin in the shower and which won’t?