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With our hand washes, the everyday act of hand washing becomes an act of care

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We don’t count the number of times we wash our hands in one day, but if we did, we’d realise that most liquid hand soaps get more action than our entire beauty bag combined. 

Which is why we’re so thankful that Dove hand wash does the hard work to give our hands the star treatment and care they deserve. The cleansers effectively wash away dirt and oil on the skin’s surface, with a rich, creamy lather that will feel like silk in your hands. 

Gone are the days when washing your hands was just an essential task – now it’s an enjoyable step in your skin care routine. You might even find yourself sneaking off to do it again and again…

Browse all our best hand washes below, along with our favourite tips, tricks and advice for how to make the most of them. 

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Hand wash advice

Make hand washing a truly pampering experience…