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Dove Beauty regime

Start your beauty routine in the shower: products and tips

Where does your beauty routine begin? It’s probably earlier than you think. Because when you have great products, you’re starting the beautifying process from the moment you step into the shower. And with Dove Body Wash, all it takes is one shower. That’s enough to feel the difference our nourishing, hydrating formula makes: noticeably softer, smoother skin. Just when you thought your little bit of sanctuary couldn’t get any better. It’s now the most rewarding act of beauty we have at our disposal.

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    Make the most of products.

    However long you have to indulge in your shower, with a nourishing product like our bar regular, you can trust your shower to deliver the cleansing you need and care you deserve. So even on those days when time is of the essence

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    ‘Me time’. 

    A shower is a sanctuary. It’s the only place we can feel truly alone and focused on ourselves. And beauty is about feeling good as much as it is about looking good. Those minutes of peace and quiet are as important to your beauty routine as the products you choose

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    Prep your skin.

    Your shower is the perfect precursor for serums and lotions because damp skin is more receptive to moisturisers. Applying moisturiser straight onto damp skin means that the nourishment from our body wash or bar is sealed in 

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    Help your body feel beautiful. 

    With the right products, your shower isn’t just the step before you start your skincare routine – it’s a skincare step, too, particularly with our Shower Gel Deeply nourishing. In just one shower your skin feels softer and smoother. Who knew you could give your skin such an effortless makeover?

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    Ensure skin is cared for. 

    The act of cleansing is important to help your skin shed its dead cells, meaning you can help keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Think of it as starting completely anew, wiping away the previous day and preparing your body for another beautiful day

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    Finish up feeling great. 

    If you’re tempted to turn up the heat, remember, it’s a myth that steam will open your pores. In fact, water that’s too hot can even strip skin’s natural oil barrier, so stick to a nice warm temperature