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Dove Oily skin

Cleansing tips for oily skin

If you have naturally oily skin, you might be wondering how to cleanse it properly. Here are our favorite oily skin tips to leave it feeling beautifully fresh.

  • 1

    Start with warm water.

    Water that is too hot can damage your skin’s natural moisture barrier. And when we wash away too much of our skin’s natural oil, our body goes into overdrive, producing even more to compensate – resulting in even oiler skin

  • 2

    Use cleansers suitable for oily skin.

    Like hot water, traditional soap can sometimes leave skin feeling dry and tight. Pick suitable products for oily skin that combine cleansing with moisturizing benefits. Dove Bar Restore’s ¼ moisturizing cream leaves skin feeling fresh and lightly hydrated after washing 

  • 3

    Revive oily skin with a refreshing body wash. 

    To leave it feeling fresh, one of our favorite tips for oily skin is to use a refreshing product. We believe the best products for oily skin should leave your body feeling refreshed. Dove Shower Gel revive nourishes and leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated – all in the time it takes to shower  

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    Next up, use a gentle exfoliator. Using a loofah or shower poof, gently buff dead skin cells away. But be sure to use a light hand and be gentle with your skin

  • 5

    Refresh skin with cool water.

    To leave oily skin feeling cool and revitalized, finish by turning down the heat in your shower a little bit before you hop out. Cooling down your skin towards the end of washing will help minimize oil production and leave you feeling fresh 

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    Moisturise after washing.

    Hydration is important, despite the common misconception that you shouldn’t moisturize oily skin. When our skin feels dehydrated, it overcompensates by producing excess oil. Apply a light product straight after washing to help seal in moisture and leave skin feeling fresh and hydrated