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Dove Washing and bathing tips
Dove Washing and bathing tips

Washing and bathing tips and advice

Discover our favourite skin cleansing tips here and become an expert on beautiful skin.

Washing and bathing articles

Identify and care for your skin type
Identify your body’s skin type and find the products to help it look its best.
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Hand wash advice
Visit our hand wash advice page and make hand washing a truly pampering experience…
The perks of washing in the morning or a shower before bed
A shower before bed is perfect for winding down, and in the morning it can help you wake up. Here’s why we love both, depending on our mood.
Relaxation techniques: the power of a bath
Looking for a way to unwind? A relaxing bath could be the perfect place to start. See how here.
Essential products for skin cleansing
Want to know how to keep your skin healthy, glowing and beautiful? Visit our page to find out more about our products for skin cleansing
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6 cleansing myths: debunked
Wondering which cleansing tips will help your skin in the shower and which won’t? We debunk the most popular skin cleansing myths here…
How to exfoliate
Unlock the secrets of soft, glowing skin
How to feel fresh: six ways to freshen up your morning
Transform your mornings with our quick guide on how to feel fresh in just a few minutes, so you leave the house feeling cool and confident every day.
Recreate the pampering power of a bath in your shower
Want to recreate the pampering experience of a bath in a relaxing shower? Here are the shower products and tips to do it…
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Love scented body wash? Here’s 6 reasons why we do too
Looking for a world where beautiful fragrance meets nourishment? With Dove scented body wash, it’s right in your bathroom. Find out more here…
Cleansing tips for oily skin
Six of our best cleansing tips for oily skin to leave it feeling soft and smooth.
Discover the Dove Beauty Bar
Dove Beauty Bar – our best beauty secret and the gateway to beautiful skin.