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Dove Reduce sweating

How to reduce sweating and care for underarms

Feeling like we’re sweating too much can be uncomfortable. We’ve thought about how to reduce sweating while giving our underarms the care they deserve – leaving us free to feel relaxed all day long.

  • 1

    Choose a caring antiperspirant. 

    One of the best things to help you reduce sweating too much is a good antiperspirant, one which lasts for up to 48 hours and cares for your delicate underarm skin, too. All our antiperspirants, such as Dove Original Antiperspirant Deodorant, contain our signature ¼ moisturising cream to combine long-lasting protection with underarm care
















  • 2

    Try to avoid strong flavours. 

    Did you know that strong flavours might sometimes contribute to us sweating more? Think spicy food, coffee and alcohol. Giving these a miss could be a good first step to follow if you’ve been looking for tips for how to reduce sweating

  • 3

    Dry underarms thoroughly.

    When our skin is dry and cool, our sweat glands are better prepared to absorb antiperspirant. Drying your underarms thoroughly before using antiperspirant helps it work more effectively to reduce sweating 

  • 4

    Carry a can on the go. 

    Carrying a deodorant in your bag means you can top up on the go whenever you need to. Keep Dove Original Antiperspirant Deodorant close at hand for 48 hour protection with a clean, simple scent


  • 5

    Try extra protection. 

    If you find yourself sweating too much, then you might need to try a clinically tested formula that protects against wetness 


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    Apply Dove antiperspirant deodorant before bed. 

    Applying an antiperspirant before bed is one of our favourite tips for how to reduce sweating. The antiperspirant has more time to get to work while you’re not on the move, helping to keep you protected from sweating too much, from the moment you spring out of bed