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Dove Beauty products decoded

Beauty products decoded

Ever struggled to decide between the beauty products you actually need and the ones gathering dust in your bathroom cabinet? Yep, thought so. Between the beauty cream that’s gone unloved and the make-up tools we’ve forgotten how to use, there are a handful of faithful beauty products we wouldn’t be without.

  • 1

    Make your favourite products multi-task. 

    Did you know how great shampoo is for shaving your legs? It’ll also work wonders when washing your make-up brushes with warm water

  • 2

    Use your hands.

    Try applying some beauty products (particularly foundation) with your hands, like you would with moisturiser. You might find it’s quicker, cleaner and easier to get amazing results

  • 3

    Turn your bathroom in to a spa.

    It makes sense that creating a calm, relaxed feeling in your bathroom will make the whole experience more enjoyable. We’ve reason to believe the scented-candle-and-bubble-bath routine is still one of life’s simplest pleasures

  • 4

    Streamline your skin care regime. 

    Be ruthless with the products you’ll never use. What was in that funny coloured bottle anyway?

  • 5

    Apply moisturiser after a shower. 

    Freshly-washed skin is the best for moisturising but remember to dry any water off first, to stop any irritation

  • 6

    Get organised.

    Divide your new beauty products into organised make-up bags, so you don’t forget those bottles lurking at the back of the cabinet. It really is that simple