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How to tame frizz with conditioner

If you’ve had more than your share of frizzy hair days, you’d be all too familiar with the feeling of helplessness and frustration! No matter how much you try to press down and tuck away frizzy hair, these unrelenting stray strands refuse to settle. Although it may seem like frizzy hair have a mind of their own, they are an indication that your hair lacks adequate moisture and is drinking in the moisture from the environment so as to stay hydrated.

And let’s face it, the summer air doesn’t offer much in terms of moisture, which causes frizzy hair to become further dehydrated and dry. Didn’t know this about your hair? Read on to know more ways to tame frizz this summer.

In order to know how conditioner tames frizz you’ll need to understand how hair is structured. Every strand of hair comprises of the cuticle - the outer layer, a middle layer - cortex, and an inner layer - medulla.

Hair gets tangled when the frayed edges of cuticle layer get caught with one another. Conditioning tames tangles and frizzy hair by enveloping each cuticle with a protective layer. Thereby causing the frayed edges of cuticle layers to smoothen and settle down, which makes the hair remain untangled and non-frizzy.

Secondly‚ the protective coating provided by conditioners help lock some moisture in the hair and this moisture makes the hair more flexible and resistant to breakage, split-ends, and static electricity - one that also causes frizzy hair. With adequate moisture already present in the hair cuticle and the coating from the conditioner acting like a shield, the hair is unable to absorb unwanted moisture from the environment.

The surfactants present in conditioners; are predominantly responsible for leaving the hair smooth and shiny because of the coating they offer.

Using the right conditioner after shampooing can make a world of difference to it. Not only does it make your hair a lot easier to manage, using the right product like the Dove Conditioner can give you a lot more. Nourish your hair with Dove conditioner after shampooing. Infused with the nourishment of 1/4th moisturizing cream and Keratin Actives, it reduces frizz, makes your hair softer and 10X smoother.

Steps to Condition Hair

·         Gently towel dry or squeeze out water from your hair after shampooing

·         Pour a coin sized dollop of conditioner on your palm

·         It is important to remember that you  shouldn’t apply conditioner near the roots of the hair. Applying conditioner on the scalp will make it oily and sticky

·         Evenly apply the conditioner from the mid part of your hair until the ends

·         If your hair is prone to more damage at the ends, ensure that you apply more conditioner at the ends and keep it for longer

·         Leave the conditioner on for 3-5 minutes and then wash with cold water

Now that you know how conditioners tame frizz, you may have realized how essential they are to your hair care routine. Since you know your hair best, decide what type of conditioner you’ll need. If you have dry hair, opt for a conditioner that offers essential oils and deep moisturizing. If you have combination hair, go in for a gentle daily-use conditioner. So now you can finally say goodbye to frizz forever and enjoy beautiful open hair every day!