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Dove How to keep hair beautiful

How to keep hair beautiful

Keeping your hair always beautiful is possible. But let’s be honest, the road to beautiful hair isn’t always easy or low maintenance. Almost all of us have spent years and lots of money trying to experiment with different styling tools, products, chemical treatments and colours, all in search for gorgeous hair that looks “effortless”. Sometimes, even natural beauty tips for hair don’t seem to work. It comes as no surprise that 84% women describe their hair as “damaged”. But all is still well for your crowning glory. You can say goodbye to unnecessary worry or embarrassment regarding your hair.

  • 1

    Get creative.

    Beautiful hair can boost your confidence, brighten your mood and make the difference between a so-so day and a brilliant one. That’s why we say styling your hair is key. It’s your chance to decide who you want to be today, so be creative…

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    Protect from damage.

    Knowing how to have beautiful hair is one way to help you feel your best – so it’s worth looking for products that effectively address damage. The right conditioners and treatments can strengthen brittle hair so that you can style and experiment to your heart’s content

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    Day to day care.

    Day to day, you can protect your locks with a conditioner that has the benefits of a treatment. Our Intense Repair Conditioner helps to repair and progressively nourish damaged hair, plus it’s fast-acting like a conditioner, with the benefits of a hair treatment

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    Hair care at home.

    Sometimes your hair might just need a moisture boost. On those occasions, apply our Elixir Nourished Shine Hair Oil from root to tip as a pre-wash treatment. It’s infused with hibiscus and argan oils to help hair retain moisture, while adding luminosity and shine

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    Hair rescue.

    For products tailored to your hair repair needs, try our Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo. It strengthens thinning hair from root to tip, for visibly fuller results* leaving hair beautifully healthy-looking

    * With regular use of Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner vs non-conditioning shampoo