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Dove How to care for mature hair

How to care for mature hair

As we age, our hair ages too and can become drier, finer and flatter. But don’t fear: it just means calling in a little specialist care so you can enjoy younger-looking hair for longer.

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    Choose moisture.

    Dryness is a common problem with mature hair: your scalp stops producing as much oil – which is important because it coats your hair and keeps it looking healthy and shiny as well as feeling soft. Try our Dryness Care Shampoo and Conditioner

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    Protect hair from heat.

    Because our hair becomes weaker as it ages, you might notice that it’s a lot more prone to breakage, so protecting it from damage is more important than ever. Use a protection spray every time you use heat styling tools and when you can, let your hair air dry instead of blasting it with the hairdryer

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    Add volume.

    As hair ages it becomes thinner and can start to look flat, so use products that add fullness to help it stay looking youthful and healthy. How you style your hair can work wonders for keeping it looking youthful: try blow drying with a round brush (concentrating on the roots) will add plenty of volume.