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Should I use a conditioner in summer?

Should I use a Conditioner in Summer?

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding the use of conditioners. Many believe that using conditioners in summer makes the hair feel sticky or oily. However, summer is the worst time for hair, because exposure to direct sunlight not only makes the hair dry and lifeless, it also damages it extensively. Merely shampooing will make the hair dry out faster because it will strip the hair and scalp of the little natural oil it has. So here’s why you must use a conditioner this summer:

  • 1

    Conditioner seals the moisture. 

    Conditioning helps seal moisture in the cuticles of the hair which ensures that the summer heat doesn't dry up the hair completely

  • 2

    It prevents hair breakage.

    Hair breaks when the cuticle is so dry and brittle that it cannot withstand any further friction or damage. Conditioners provide an enveloping effect that protects all the layers of the hair strand from friction by layering it with a smooth coating.

  • 3

    It keeps fly aways at bay

    Using a conditioner ensures that the hair strands smoothen out and do not tangle with one another. The moisture retained in the hair from conditioning also keeps static and flyaway hair at bay

  • 4

    It protects hair colour. 

    Conditioners also protect the hair from lightening or artificial hair colour from fading to some extent. The coating mentioned earlier acts as a shield by deflecting sunlight away from the hair.

  • 5

    Skip shampoo, but not conditioner. 

    Did you know that you can wash your hair with a conditioner without using a shampoo at all? You can wash the ends of your hair with only conditioner. You can do this on the days when you feel that your hair is clean and all it needs is more moisturizing 

  • 6

    Wear beautiful open hair, every day.

    Conditioners help make the hair glossy and soft which is an upside in all seasons. So don’t let the summer heat force you to tie your hair up. With Dove Conditioner, you can say goodbye to dry, dull and damaged hair and greet every day with beautiful, smooth and open hair!