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Woman smiling and ruffling her hair

How often to wash hair? (And other questions answered)

Wondering how often should you wash your hair? Or maybe you’ve been asking yourself whether you really need to shampoo twice? Here's what you need to know about hair washing...

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    How often should you wash your hair? 

    It’s all about hair type – if your hair isn’t particularly oily or really dry, 2-3 times a week should be enough. Oily hair? You might need to wash it daily. If you have thick, curly or dry hair, then weekly should be fine

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    Do I need to shampoo twice?

    And while we’re talking about hair washing, if you’ve heard ‘lather, rinse, repeat’, it’s a rule that you can ignore – unless you’re hitting the styling products hard, and then repeating the shampoo step can help remove build-up. If you wash your hair almost daily, then shampooing just once is fine – too much hair washing could strip hair of its natural, protective oils, leaving it vulnerable to damage

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    What's the best shampoo for everyday?

    For everyday use, care for hair with a shampoo like Dove Daily Shine Shampoo (our best shampoo for daily use, if you ask us) to gently nourish as well as cleanse it.