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Dove Conditioner for dry hair

Hot or cold water, which is better for a hairwash?

You might wonder if the temperature of the water you’re washing your hair with has anything to do with the health of your hair and the way it looks. The fact is, it does and the effects can be seen after the first wash itself. Both hot and cold water have their pros and cons, and both are essential for each hair wash session. Sounds confusing right? Let’s unravel the mysteries of which is better for your hair - hot or cold water?


Hot Water

  • 1

    Opens Scalp Pores 

    Warm water opens the pores on the scalp which is needed for removing sweat, dirt and oil that may be trapped on the scalp. The shampoo will be able to reach the pores and clean out any build-up that may have accumulated

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    Opens Hair Cuticles 

    Warm water also helps open the outer most layer of the hair – the cuticles. This will allow moisture to enter the hair, removes build-up and also remove tangles. The reason being, open cuticles absorb the oils and moisturizing ingredients of the conditioner much faster. This helps make the hair soft and shiny.

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    Can make hair brittle 

    Prolonged or repeated exposure to hot water can make the hair dry because warm water in itself can also strip the hair of its natural oil and moisture.

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    Makes hair roots weak 

    Hot water can scald the roots of your hair and cause them to loosen or even uproot. Water should be lukewarm and never so hot that it scalds your hair or scalp.

Cold Water

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    Sealing Moisture

    Cold water works exactly in the opposite manner as warm water by causing open pores and cuticles to gently close, thereby ensuring that enough moisture remain sealed in the hair, it would not to absorb moisture from the environment thereby preventing the hair from turning frizzy. 

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    Adding Sheen and Softness 

    Washing hair with cold water after shampooing and conditioning not only makes the hair extremely soft it also adds sheen to the hair and makes it look glossy and well-definied, irrespective of the texture of the hair. 

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    Reduces the volume of hair

    Cold hair rinses make the hair seem sleek and reduce the volume of the hair thus making it an unfavourable option for women with thin and fine hair. 

If you find the water unpleasantly cold, you can always mix some warm water with it to make it tolerable. To sum it up, wash your hair with warm water first to rinse off the shampoo. Thereafter apply conditioner and rinse your hair with cold water for long-lasting smoothness.