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Dove Conditioner for dry hair

Conditioner for dry hair

Have you got dry hair? It’s pretty easy to identify. In fact, 58% of women describe their hair as dry. Basically, if you find yourself battling with an unmanageable and frizzy mane, which is lacking smoothness (and if your hair is curly, you’re probably going to recognise these symptoms), then bingo – you’re a winner, and you’re going to need the best conditioner for dry hair to keep it satisfied (and in check).    

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    Replenish your hair.

    The key to treating it is to replenish its lipids (which dry hair conditioners should do): you can think of lipids as forming a protective film that coats your hair, shielding it from damage, making it feel smooth and look shiny    

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    Try this.

    Our Dryness Care Conditioner is a great choice. Once absorbed, it gently nourishes and at the same time detangles your hair to leave you with sublimely soft locks that aren’t greasy or weighed down