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Should I use a conditioner in summer?

Myth buster related to summer

You may have noticed how differently your hair behaves to the slightest weather change. Being aware of these subtle changes and taking appropriate protective measures is the best way to ensure that your hair remains healthy throughout the year. Hair requires extra TLC during summers, because the intense heat of this season can make even the best of hair look dull, dry and lifeless. That being said, there are so many myths regarding hair care during summers. Here are some myth busters related to summer that will help you protect your hair better:

  • 1

    Sweating can make the scalp and hair oily and sticky.

    False:  In fact, sweating naturally or from working-out helps keep the scalp healthy by provide necessary blood circulation and sebum to the hair follicles. Letting the hair remain sweaty and allowing build-up for days together will make the hair and scalp feel sticky and oily.

  • 2

    Using conditioner during summers makes the hair oilier

    False: Your hair needs additional conditioning during summers even though you may think your hair doesn’t seem so dry. Using a conditioning mask weekly along with your usual conditioner will help repair some of the damage and breakage that summer heat may trigger.

  • 3

    Frizzy hair during summers can be tamed by using water.

    False: Hair becomes frizzy when it lacks adequate moisture in its core and thus absorbs it from the moisture. Trying to control frizz with water will instead make the hair frizzier. A good moisturizing conditioner will help tame frizz much better and make your hair softer.


  • 4

    Oiling your hair in summers is a bad idea.

    False: Oiling your hair with organic oils before shampooing helps nourish the scalp and makes the hair stronger. It also helps reduce some of the damage caused by the intense heat of summer.

  • 5

    Cutting your hair short in summers is the solution

    False: Short hair can be fun and freeing, but it too requires a lot of maintenance and appropriate styling products and hair accessories. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for short or long hair, it’ll need regular TLC to stay healthy.

  • 6

    Using heat styling tools during summer can damage your hair

    True: Sadly, this is true as hair irons and blow dryers further dehydrate and damage hair during summers. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays in additional to artificial heat can cause irreparable damage to hair cuticles. But we know you love styling your hair, so it’s absolutely necessary that you apply heat protect spray before styling and oil your hair every time you wash it. Also, don’t forget to use your hair styling devices on low heat. Keep the blow dryer at least half an arm’s distance away from your hair while using. 

  • 7

    Wearing a hat during summers helps protect hair from damage 

    True: Hats can minimize hair damage to a large extent but they can also cause your scalp to sweat more and make your hair damp. Go in for a properly fitted broad-brimmed hat that allows your hair to breathe and protects it against direct sunlight and dust. If you do not prefer wearing hats, you can always cover your hair with a thick scarf or use an umbrella to protect your hair.

It’s always the little things that count the most. With these myth breakers you can help protect your hair from further damage this summer. Your hair will thank you for extra care by looking fabulous throughout this hot season.