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Shivani, PR professional

For Shivani, self-acceptance came all at once when she stopped comparing herself to the people around her. Since then, embracing real beauty has been a journey that she’s exploring.

It’s taken a while for Shivani to realise what makes her beautiful. Even now, she sometimes gets caught up in old habits – forgetting that the beauty standard isn’t a set of rules you have to live by. How you dress, the colour of your skin – these things aren’t the basis of beauty. In fact, she’s one of the women breaking the rules of beauty – Shivani now finds it in the mark on the right side of her face, her eyes, her accomplishments… all the characteristics that make her different from anyone else in the world.

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“It was only when I started accepting who I was, when I stopped making comparisons, and dropped emotions like jealousy that I started feeling comfortable with myself and automatically felt great.” - Shivani

Now Shivani feels that self-acceptance, and accepting others, is a key part of feeling beautiful. That’s why she now defines ‘real’ beauty as not trying to fit in. As treating others like you’d want to be treated. As being yourself and speaking your mind. And now she’s erased her anxiety and begun to feel comfortable with her individuality, that’s something Shivani is able to do. Beautifully.