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Dr Chhavi Rajawat, Sarpanch

Chhavi is a firm believer in doing good for other people. For her, that’s where beauty comes from. A former city worker with an MBA degree, Chhavi moved back home to try to make a difference in her village – she is now India’s first female sarpanch (and the youngest person to have held that position). “I realised early on that I would find true satisfaction in doing something that was larger than my own self-interest,” she explains.

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“We are all beautiful and no different from the other” – Dr Chhavi Rajawat

As the elected head of the village council of Soda – 60km from Jaipur in the Tonk district of Rajasthan – Chhavi has implemented milestone after milestone to improve conditions there (including a bank, solar energy and solid toilets). And this ambition to give to others connects seamlessly with her view of beauty. A view that breaks all the rules.

“When I see someone’s face light up with joy because of something I have done, I feel beautiful,” she says. “My commitment and dedication help me stand tall even in the most challenging situations. And I consider myself blessed for it.”