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Undefining Beauty

Redefining beauty in India with Vogue & Mario Testino

There are millions of beautiful women in India. Yet, a staggering 80% of us feel we need to look a certain way to succeed, while 67% wish the media did a better job of portraying women of different ages, race, shape and size.

Despite India’s remarkable diversity, sometimes society’s definition of beauty can be incredibly narrow. This expectation has created a set of rules for women to follow – a boundary many of us don’t feel we fit into. 

At Dove, we believe in real beauty, beauty that is diverse and authentic. And that’s how we feel it should be celebrated. For 60 years, Dove has put real beauty at the centre of everything we do. And this year we are renewing our commitment to women worldwide by launching the Dove Real Beauty Pledge:

1) We always feature real women, never models.

2) We portray women as they are in real life. We do not digitally distort our images.

3) We are helping 40 million girls build body confidence and self-esteem.

To bring our pledge to life and break the rules of beauty, we have collaborated with Vogue India and the legendary fashion photographer Mario Testino to help put the true diversity of Indian beauty in the spotlight. As featured in the latest issue of Vogue India, Mario Testino photographed six Indian women, who, for Dove, redefine what it means to be beautiful – helping Indian women realise their beauty potential, whatever their age, body shape, skin tone or hair colour. 

Discover the Vogue India feature here, or go behind the scenes to learn more about Mario Testino, and the beautiful women he photographed. 

Vogue and Mario Testino: Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Find out more about our quest to break the rules of beauty here.