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Let's break the rules of beauty

In such a richly diverse society, it’s perhaps a surprise that 76% of women in India believe that it is critical to meet a certain beauty standard. Many of us compare ourselves to a narrow standard of beauty or to unrealistic images in the media that are often retouched. These pressures can have a negative effect on our confidence and the way we feel about ourselves. We think it’s time that changed.

An encouraging 67% of us want to see a more diverse range of beauty represented in the media and with the help of women like you, we want to showcase the many ways to be beautiful. Will you help us break the rules of beauty by joining our #RealBeauty campaign?

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Let’s break the rules of beauty

There are millions of beautiful women in India. Yet, a staggering 80% of us feel we need to look a certain way to succeed, while 67% wish the media did a better job of portraying women of different ages, race, shape and size.

With this awareness, we set out to showcase the diversity of real beauty in India, to empower woman of all ages, shapes, sizes and skin tones to realise their personal beauty potential.

We called for women to come forward and represent the different faces of beauty in our #RealBeauty video. The response was incredible. Proof enough, we think, that you’re as willing as we are to open up the conversation on beauty.

To create the video, we enlisted the help of award-winning film and documentary maker Pan Nalin. Pan has had the privilege of working with many different women all over the world, and too, appreciates beauty in its all forms.

Women just like you, from all walks of life and all regions of India, applied to be part of the story. None were professional models or actresses, many had never been in a film studio before, but all of them brought something special and unique to the day. From students and teachers to mothers and grandmothers, the women we met were illuminating in their insights about beauty and how it impacts us all.

As filming came to an end it was clear that this shared experience had left a lasting impression, with many new friendships formed.

Let's break the rules of beauty: Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

As part of our mission to champion real beauty, we’re helping to change the lives of young women too.

Only 1 in 10 Indian girls appear to have high self-esteem and that’s where our Self-Esteem Project comes in. Through online guides, workshops and events, we’re helping the next generation of women to see beauty as a source of confidence. Our goal? To reach 2.65 million girls in India by 2020.

Learn more about the Dove Self-Esteem Project and see how you can help the girls in your life to realise their full potential.

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