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Dove Stories

Welcome to the home of real beauty. Explore below for more about our Campaign for Real Beauty, plus tips and tricks for everything from hair care to skin care.

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How to exfoliate
Unlock the secrets of soft, glowing skin
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Tips for resilient skin
Tips to help your skin look its best for longer
Make the most of skin care products
Look after your skin with Dove skin and body care products
How to stop sweating & care for underarms
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How to prevent armpit smells and care for underarms
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Sweating tips
6 ways your deodorant is just like your BFF

The qualities we look for in our beauty products are a lot like those we look for in our friends. We can all agree that the basis of a great friendship is respect, loyalty and trust. As long as you have those, you could be looking at a very special bond that lasts a lifetime. Beauty products aren’t that dissimilar. And the most solid relationship out of all our products, our most loyal partnership, the beauty equivalent to our real-world Best Friend Forever? The one with our deodorant. 

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6 fashion classics and the beauty products to go with them
Here are 6 fashion classics and some tips that go with them
The 6-part hair-care checklist
What should you have in your hair-care kit? Here are 6 essentials you need
How to treat dry hair
Looking for ways to get your hair back to it’s soft, smooth self?