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Dove Antiperspirant deodorant spray

Antiperspirant deodorant spray

We all want our days to go as smoothly as possible and something as small as choosing the best antiperspirant deodorant spray can help.

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The quest for hassle-free days is why we’ve made sure our Dove spray antiperspirant deodorant protects us, no matter what we’re facing.

Our antiperspirant deodorant matches your pace for up to 48 hours, making our deo spray a must-have for all-day freshness.

Plus, our antiperspirant deodorant contains our ¼ moisturising cream to soothe underarm skin. This unique formula cares for this delicate underarm skin, supporting natural moisture levels to help keep irritation and dryness at bay (just where it belongs, we think you’ll agree).

Whether you’re looking to try our antiperspirant deodorant spray or want to know how to care for your underarms, find everything you need for beautiful underarms below.

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