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Dove Elixir oil

Dove Elixir oil

Centuries-old tradition meets modern ease with Dove Elixir oil: the smooth, silky effects of hair overnight oiling in just 30 minutes*.

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We all love the healthy-looking, silky, soft hair that comes with overnight oiling – but sometimes it can be hard to find the time to fit the centuries-old tradition into modern life. So we created a modern twist on an ancient tradition with Dove Elixir, a potent blend with natural oils, including hibiscus and argan oils.

Nourishing and protecting hair, our luxurious oil provides the power of overnight oiling in just 30 minutes*. So with Dove Elixir Nourished Shine Hibiscus and Argan Oil, hair oiling is easy and more pleasurable than ever.

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*vs coconut oil

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