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Baby Dove Diaper rash

Diaper rash

Diaper rash can be mild, with a few red spots, or extensive as they spread to their tummy. Whichever form it takes, give your baby the soothing, gentle care of Baby Dove

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When it comes to how to treat diaper rash, the answer is usually: fast. Which is whyBaby Dove Cream for Prevention of Diaper Rash Rich Moisture is formulated to help soothe diaper rash from the very first signs of redness and neutralizes the delicate pH of your baby’s skin.

With two forms of zinc oxide, Baby Dove Cream for Prevention of Diaper Rash Rich Moisture neutralizes pH in seconds. Applied after changing, at bedtime or any other time your baby’s been in their diaper for a while, it helps to soothe and protect baby’s skin from redness and irritation.

Whether you keep it at home, in your diaper bag, or both, when diaper rash appears, turn to Baby Dove for a gentle solution that cares for your baby (and their bottom) as much as you do. 

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