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Baby Dove Baby dry skin

Dry skin in babies: putting the moisture back

One minute their skin is beautiful, soft and smooth, the next it’s rough to the touch and there’s a rash on that perfect bottom. Nightmare. You’ve done everything in your considerable mom powers to look after your baby’s skin, so why on Earth is it dry? 

Well, baby skin actually loses moisture faster than your skin, so it needs extra help to keep it hydrated and prevent damage, dryness and skin conditions such as baby dermatitis and baby eczema. But nourish it with the right products and it’ll soon return to its irresistible, kissable best. 

To help you out, we’ve answered some common questions on baby skin dryness. 

  • 1

    “How can my baby already have dry skin?”

    Odd isn’t it, but it’s nothing you’ve done. Baby skin is still developing and is 30% thinner than yours so it loses moisture quicker. Thankfully, our products go beyond mildness to deliver complete care, including that all-important moisture, for their delicate skin barrier

  • 2

    “What should I do when my baby’s skin is dry?”

    Put down your own moisturizer and use a special baby formulation instead. We’ve called on our skincare heritage and years of research into baby skin to create our Moisturizing Lotion Rich Moisture that treats dry skin and keeps it hydrated for up to 24 hours

  • 3

    “How long should my baby spend in the bath?”

    As much as moms may love a long soak (when you get the chance!), it’s worth keeping your baby’s bath short and sweet as being in the water for too long begins to remove their skin’s natural oils

  • 4

    “How to make sure the bath water’s not too hot?”

    Try keeping the bath lukewarm – you can use your elbow to test.  If that’s not scientific enough for you, set your hot water heater below 48°C as that will ensure your bath temperature can never get too hot. Moving from hot to cold quickly when you take your little one out of the bath could cause skin to dry out

  • 5

    “Do all mild cleansers stop their skin from drying out?” 

    Actually, no. Some ‘mild’ cleansers can still strip skin of its natural moisture, so choose a product that actually moisturizes as well

  • 6

    “How long after the bath should I put moisturizer on?” 

    The best time is just after you’ve patted your baby dry. Not only will you have the benefit of the moisture in the lotion, it’ll help seal in moisture from the bath, too. It’s a win-win