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Baby Dove New mom stress

Coping with new mom stress

When you were pregnant, you probably had an idea of what coping with a baby would be like – but the reality is often very different. As little as they are, babies are demanding and when you throw in the pressure to be the perfect mom, exhaustion and the overwhelming array of advice out there … well, you’ve got one stressed out mom.

We understand that becoming a new mom isn’t always easy. No mom is perfect and at some point, you’ll probably feel like you’re about to lose it. As time goes on, though, you’ll start to trust those powerful parenting instincts and the stress levels will go down. 

Until that time comes, we asked some real moms for their tips on coping with the anxiety of those early days.

  • 1

    Louise, mom of one. 

    “If my baby’s crying gets too much for me, I go into the bathroom and run the tap. It sounds silly, but the sound of running water calms me down and then I feel more able to deal with his crying.” 

  • 2

    Carolyn, mom of three. 

    “After a day home alone with my baby, bathtime can sometimes tip me over the edge. To help me deal with it, I put on my favorite song – really loudly – and jump around the house. It gives me an energy boost and also makes me smile.” 

  • 3

    Becky, mom of one.

    “I have my sister on speed dial. She’s had three kids and I guarantee whatever panic I’m going through, she’s been through it herself so she calms me down.” 

  • 4

    Claire, mom of two.

    “I once had such a bad day with my little one that when we got home, I stood in the garden and shouted at the top of my voice. It felt so good! After that I didn’t feel half as stressed.” 

  • 5

    Sarah, mom of one.

    “Sometimes when she decides to stop sleeping or start screaming about everything for a few days, I feel like I might scream myself. In those moments I try to remember it’s a phase and won’t last forever so we just need to wait it out.” 

  • 6

    Sally, mom of two.

    “If all else fails, I have a good cry. It’s not a sign of weakness or that I’m not coping. Being a mom is really tough sometimes and it helps me to have a bit of a release and then I can move on.”