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Baby Dove 1-2 years

1-2 years

Even as your baby’s skin develops, it’s still as delicate as it ever was. Baby Dove products help to protect and replenish it with essential nutrients, setting the foundation for soft, healthy skin. 

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Your baby’s skin changes as they grow: though a 1-2 year old has more resilient skin than a newborn, it’s still around 30% thinner than ours so it needs special care and protection. With Baby Dove, you can give your little one the extra care they need. 

As your baby gets older, bathtime becomes even more fun. With rich, creamy lathers, our tear-free, moisturizing tip-to-toe baby body washes help to retain the moisture that baby’s skin can lose during bathtime, and make bubbles that are perfect for playtime. Our baby shampoos nourish your little one’s hair and scalp while leaving them feeling soft and looking healthy.

As your little one gets bigger, you’ll also get to know what they (and their skin) needs, especially if it’s sensitive. To help minimize the risk of skin allergies, we created the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture range of ultra-gentle products to help you give your growing baby the special care their sensitive skin needs. 

Find the right baby products for your 1-2 year old below.

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