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Dove 6 gym class thoughts

6 things that go through your head at that trendy gym class

Even the most gym-phobic of us has been sucked into the latest ‘must try’ trendy gym class. And though you’re not quite sure what to expect from Anti-Gravity Bikram Yoga Spinning, as long as you’ve got your trusty sports bra and a great deodorant (like Dove Compressed Original Antiperspirant Deodorant, which fits easily in your gym bag, keeps you fresh as well as your skin nourished), you can feel confident knowing the only unpleasant surprise will be when the instructor asks you to stand on your head. 

  • 1

    I forgot to paint my toenails. 

    Looks like I’m not the only one though – phew. Must set a reminder on my phone when this is finished. Or maybe I’ll just buy those ridiculously expensive yoga socks instead

  • 2

    At least my arms are looking good!

    I hadn’t noticed how smooth my underarms have gotten! Obviously putting a little more thought into what deodorant I’m using is paying off – the ¼ moisturising cream in my Dove Original Roll On clearly does what it says on the tin. I should do this stretch more often. Would it be out of place in the supermarket? 

  • 3

    I bet my bum looks huge.

    Oh, hang on, it’s not just me: this pose isn’t flattering on anyone. What an angle. Don’t worry, ladies, we’re in this together. Who knew the gym would provide such a body-confidence revelation? 

  • 4

    What am I going to have for dinner?

    Clearly having done this exercise class, I deserve something a bit special. ICE CREAM

  • 5

    How long is left?

    It must be finished soon. HALF AN HOUR? How is that possible? I’ve been here forever. Although the last 15 minutes is usually the cool down isn’t it? So really there’s 15 minutes to go. That sounds much better

  • 6

    I'm totally coming back.

    That was AMAZING. Must remember to paint my toenails this time, though