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Dove Hand Wash

Dove Hand Wash

We turn the everyday act of hand washing into an act of care...

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While we don’t count the number of times a day we wash our hands, if we did, we’d probably be surprised by how often we’re at the sink!

Which is why we’ve developed a gentle hand wash that gives dry hands the softness and deep cleansing they deserve. With its creamy, pearlescent lather, Dove Gel Hand Wash removes bacteria+ in seconds, leaving them soft and moisturized.

For some added joy in your busy day, transform hand washing into a moment of pampering care with our Dove Foaming Hand Wash. Our rich foam softens and nourishes hands while effectively cleansing.

When it comes to keeping hands clean, Dove Beauty Bars and Body Wash - also work as well as Dove Hand Wash to wash away bacteria+ while being gentle on your skin.

Browse our best hand soaps, along with our favorite tips, tricks and advice below.

+odour causing bacteria

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4 reasons you’ll love our gel and foaming hand wash range

Wash your hands with our pampering range – you’ll know exactly how to clean your hands and how to keep hands moisturized for soft, smooth, skin.