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Baby Dove Calming Nights

Baby Dove Calming Nights

There’s no right or wrong answer to how to get baby to sleep– just whatever suits you. See if a soothing night-time routine works, with Calming Nights: our best baby wash and lotion for bedtime. 

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Wondering how to get your baby to sleep? Some experts and parents say a consistent bedtime routine is key in helping your newborn sleep. With Baby Dove Calming Nights baby body wash and body lotion as part of your relaxing routine, you can help your little one unwind every night.

Made with 100% skin-natural nutrients*, our night-time baby lotion and wash are ideal for delicate baby skin. Your baby night-time routine can work to help your little one get a restful sleep, and thanks to a calming scent of warm milk** and chamomile, Baby Dove Calming Nights is the perfect addition to your routine. Caring and tear-free, the hypoallergenic baby wash helps make sure baby bathtime nourishes your baby’s delicate skin. And the calming scent helps your baby sleep faster. Gently moisturizing through the night, Baby Dove Calming Nights Lotion is our best lotion for newbornskin before bed. 

Put together a soothing routine to help baby sleepwith our products below.

* Our nutrients are identical to those found naturally in skin

**This product does not contain dairy

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