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Baby Dove Baby skin

The important differences between baby skin and adult skin

Here’s a surprising fact for you: baby skin is thinner than a sheet of paper. Pretty thin, right? That makes it much more vulnerable to damage and dryness when it’s washed than yours because it loses moisture faster. So next time you’re standing in the baby aisle, wondering which baby liquid soap will go the extra mile, consider this: Dove has spent 50 years learning about skin, and has developed superior care for its Baby Dove range which goes beyond mildness to keep your baby’s skin healthy and hydrated. That’s one thing you can cross off your worry list right now. 

Here are more helpful tips from the Baby Dove experts on caring for baby skin.

  • 1

    Baby skin has a higher pH than adult skin.  

    Sharing a bath is great for bonding with your baby, but don’t be tempted to share products, too. Your skin has a lower pH than your baby’s so can tolerate the high pH in many cleansers. But add this to your baby’s already-higher pH, and you’re increasing the chance of damage to their skin’s protective barrier, so choose a pH-neutral soap to prevent irritation 

  • 2

    Baby’s skin needs extra moisture at bathtime.  

    Baby skin also needs moisture to keep it healthy, with your mini-me losing moisture much faster than you. Start locking it in before they’re even out of the bath with our Sensitive Moisture Baby Bar. It’s gentler and more moisturizing than any other baby soap

  • 3

    Baby skin needs all day moisture. 

    While you may love slathering on moisturizer post-bath, babies need an even more intense formulation. Our Rich Moisture Baby Lotion provides moisturization throughout the day, no matter what they get up to (or into)

  • 4

    Babies' bottoms needs extra care.

    Babies’ bottoms may be a lot smaller than adults’, but they need a lot more care. Diaper dampness makes their skin more likely to chafe and become irritated, so try applying a good helping of barrier cream like our Rich Moisture Diaper Cream for protection

  • 5

    Babies need tear-free products.

    You do have one thing in common with your baby: your eyes sting like crazy when you get some bath products in them. Choose tear-free shampoos tested by ophthalmologists such as our Sensitive Moisture Baby Shampoo, so an accidental splash doesn’t cause a meltdown

  • 6

    You baby’s scalp is super-sensitive. 

    Your scalp can put up with a lot when drying your hair, but your baby’s scalp is sensitive. To protect it, pop on a towel with a hood, which will quickly soak up moisture and, we admit it, make them look super cute, too

More care for your baby - Baby Dove

More care for your baby - Baby Dove